The Culture Of STEELITE
Prospect:be the most respectful enterprise of steel cabinet.
Mission:provide an environmental and comfortable storage space by steel products.
Value:customer first,teamwork、honesty、responsibility、dedication、opennss.
Responsibility:make value for customers,build a stage for the successful life of employees,make our contributions to the society.
Development concept:serve customers wholeheartedly,make them steonger and larger,geow up together.
Spirit:team cooperation,brave in exploitation,never leaving,never discarding,create the brilliancy together.
Management idea:provide a platform for minded and virtuous people who love the steel cabinet industey.
Service concept:respect the customers,respect the truth,respect the science.
Anagement concept: strengthen the execution ability, regard the development of employees, pursue the harmony and warmness, balance the rewards and punishment.
Behavior culture:listen,smile,praise gratitude.
Work style:take action immediately!keep your promise!
Beliefs:practical working,honest man

Luoyang Steelite Steel Cabinet Co., Ltd.

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